Why It’s Advisable To Write About Your Anxiety

All bloggers have the same idea when it comes to choosing the niche they want to write about: it has to be something they can speak of for months. In case you are a master crafter, for instance, it only fits to fill your website with DIY projects or art supplies. Assuming your hobby or profession involves capturing beautiful pictures, the site may focus on photography-related content.

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If there is a topic that many bloggers are afraid to touch, however, it’s their mental health journey. Some of them, after all, have dealt with or are still dealing with anxiety. They may feature it once or twice throughout their entire blogging career, but only a few decide to make an independent website for it. The two typical reasons are: 1) the audience might leave once their mental disorder becomes public, and 2) they don’t want people to feel pity towards them.

That is a bummer in general, considering how therapeutic writing can be. In case you are beginning to entertain the thought of speaking up about your anxiety through a blog, though, let us give you more reasons to do it.

1. You Can Look At The Problem In A Different Perspective

As a writer, you are aware that it matters to be creative with your words even when sharing a personal experience. Say, if it concerns the time when you almost had a nervous breakdown while taking a university entrance exam, it does not suffice to write that you felt scared merely. You have to describe your emotions and thoughts in that instant to let the readers imagine what happened.

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While it may not be easy to go down the memory lane again, reliving the moment won’t be that difficult when you look at it through a writer’s perspective. You will no longer be the subject; instead, you are the storyteller. Hence, it may become apparent that what you experienced was not as horrible as you once pictured in your head.

2. You Can Inspire People With A Similar Case

The truth is that you may have readers who may also be battling anxiety right now. Some may receive treatment; others can’t come out with the illness, fearing that it might break their relationships. They are perhaps not as creative as you too; that’s why they don’t have an emotional outlet.

Once you open up about your condition, however, you are effectively encouraging these people to talk about their struggles related to the disease. They may say, “If this internet personality is not scared of speaking up, why should I be?” Then, your blog may become their go-to website when they have questions regarding anxiety.

3. Your Support System May Expand

After the revelation comes the communication. At first, the audience may merely leave comments on the web page, which you can respond to anytime. The readers can follow too on your social media accounts and continue your chats there. The more you talk to them, the more you tend to feel that your family and friends are not the only individuals who care about your mental disorder. There can also be folks across the globe whom you can draw strength from.

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Worried About Writing About Your Anxiety Still?

Don’t be. The society has come so far, in the sense that speaking about mental health is no longer a taboo. You can shout to the entire world that you have anxiety, and you will undoubtedly receive nothing but love and support for being brave enough to do that.

Do it for your readers who may benefit from what you may share. More importantly, do it for yourself. Cheers!