Why Blog?

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If you are always active online, blogs written by bloggers are not that unusual for you. In fact, as of today, blogs have been increasingly growing. In fact, statistics show that there are more than 373 million blogs posted as of today.

If you are planning to join the numbers of bloggers around the world, then you need to know what type of blog you should make. We do exercise freedom of speech. However, it is better if you know what niche are you in so that you would have a better grasp on how to develop the scope of your writing. May it be for personal use or business, know what type of blog you want to write is a good thing.

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Blogging is not just small writing. It would take up your time, drain your mind for thoughts, and consumes efforts regardless of its purpose. The bottom line is, do you have the passion for writing? If yes, then you can now start on brainstorming as to what type of blog you would love to write.


Different Blogs

I have been active in the online world for quite some time now, and I have observed the differences of each blog I have read. I have enumerated the most common types of blogs that each blogger could write. However, it does not only limit to these blogs.

  1. Blogs for personal use – this is one of the most common blogs out there. This blog becomes an online diary for writers for most of the times. They could write anything from experience and daily activities. There’s no limitation since it involves one’s skills for writing. These blogs are not that complicated since it can be written on popular platforms such as WordPress and Blogger.
  2. Blogs for Business – this type of blog is written by business bloggers. It can have the details of the business. The primary goal of this blog is for online advertisement and used for gaining more traffic for adequate exposure to possibly capture more clients. The topics written on this type of blog is not focusing on the writer but on the business or company he is attached.
  3. Niche blogs – this type of blog allows the blogger to write a subject that is something more specific. Some of this blog can be focused on to food menus, how to lose weight in 60 days programs, describing the particular author of novels, as well as extreme stunts enthusiasts.
  4. Media blogs – this is determined by the content each blogger has. For example, if it is video blogging, you can become a vlogger and Linklog if you create content from different other sites. If photos, then, it will be a photo blog. In other words, various types of ways used in media are of this kind of blog.

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Maintaining a blog is not easy, and the passion for writing should emphasize. If you know what type of blog you are in to, this can help you to become more productive. You will enjoy writing more fruitful content.