Santa… And The Other Lies We Tell Our Children

Little lies, we tell them on a regular basis. For the most part, we tell lies to children to shield them from reality and offer them something to hold onto. Santa is only one of them, but there are lots more lies we tell our children each and every day from bogeymen to the monster under the bed. They are all there for children and they are a big part of their lives too. read more here!

Santa Clause

The number one white lie every parent tells their children is Santa Claus. Now, Santa has many names throughout the world but it certainly is the lie that stays with a child forever. It’s exciting to know when you wake up on Christmas morning Santa would have come and left presents; it’s the one thing children love! Hearing this story is quite important for many children and even as they grow and learn the truth, they can still feel somewhere there is a Santa out there.

The Tooth Fairy

When a child loses teeth, they place them under their pillow and when they wake in the morning, it is replaced with money. It’s the upside for children losing their baby teeth and it has been around for years. Every child has grown up with the story of the tooth fairy and while it’s a lie, it remains a very popular one, to say the least. In truth, children love to lose their baby teeth and get money for them and while it’s not the truth, it’s very much adored!

The Easter Bunny

Who never heard of the Easter Bunny? Millions—if not billions—of children have been told the story of how the Easter Bunny delivers chocolate eggs to children every year. It has remained with children for a very long time and it continues to be used. Chocolate eggs are greatly adored by children and parents use the story to go on an Easter egg hunt. It can be a lot of fun and something more and more people love to do too.

Why Lie?

bloggingChildren love to hear stories and it’s sometimes a lot easier to lie to them and tell them stories that are untrue. Is it wrong? Well, every parent does it and it’s up to you as to whether you want to personally tell your children this or not. However, it can be a lot easier to tell them about the tooth fairy than say ‘it’s me that’s leaving you money under your pillow’. They are the oldest lies in the world but they are constant fibs we tell children on a day-to-day basis. Children will be told fibs by their parents and they, when they grow up and have a family of their own, will say the same lie. It’s human nature.

Fibs Aren’t As Bad As You Might Think

There are reasons why you lie to children. It can be a lot easier to tell them a lie rather than tell them something they don’t want to know. You will often find it’s easier to say something, a story to a child rather than tell the truth. Is it moral? That is again down to you and your feelings. They have been the lies we’ve been saying for many years and they will continue to be told as well.