Not Posting That Much? Tips To Write More




A frequently updated blog can keep visitors coming back time and again, while one that stagnates will start slipping in the search engine rankings. It’s never a question of “more is better”, but if your content isn’t expanding by at least a thousand words per week, it is probably time to either drop the blog project, read some ideas on help with writing, or start paying for extra posts.

It is, however, possible to write more efficiently without sacrificing interest or quality. Ideas and words don’t require raw materials to produce, only time and dedication. A number of ways exist to keep that copy flowing day after day.

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Establishing Yourself As A Subject Matter Expert



Plenty of people start a blog not as a hobby or a business, but as a kind of marketing channel for their main business. Consultants, in particular, find it useful to attract clients in this way. In order to draw new business, they will want to show that they are experienced, articulate and familiar with the technicalities of their field. One excellent way to do this, if you need help with writing, is to write blog posts on current issues within an industry, sharing insights and solutions in a way that will make readers say: “That guy knows about stuff and things.”

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What Cornerstone Content Is


Plenty of bloggers who want to stand out in the all-important search rankings focus exclusively on keywords. While keywords are certainly important, this approach is fundamentally wrong. Spamming a site with hundreds of instances of the same word or phrase is not the way to impress Google and may harm your page rankings instead.

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Differences Between Starting A Blog To Make Money And For Fun



The idea of success can be very different for different people, as well as for the same person in different contexts. In terms of blogging, some are intended to inform the public about some issue the author regards as important, others to entertain, still others to help people, while a few non-corporate blogs are explicitly designed to sell stuff. Any of these may be “successful” if they do what the owner wants them to: make money, get visitors, build a community – and there’s room for plenty of overlap between these different functions.

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Santa… And The Other Lies We Tell Our Children

Little lies, we tell them on a regular basis. For the most part, we tell lies to children to shield them from reality and offer them something to hold onto. Santa is only one of them, but there are lots more lies we tell our children each and every day from bogeymen to the monster under the bed. They are all there for children and they are a big part of their lives too. read more here!

Santa Clause

The number one white lie every parent tells their children is Santa Claus. Now, Santa has many names throughout the world but it certainly is the lie that stays with a child forever. It’s exciting to know when you wake up on Christmas morning Santa would have come and left presents; it’s the one thing children love! Hearing this story is quite important for many children and even as they grow and learn the truth, they can still feel somewhere there is a Santa out there. Continue Reading


Moms Who Blog

Blogging has become vastly popular in recent times and it will continue over the next few years. The truth is that blogging does offer a lot of potentials and it certainly has become a firm favorite for those who have something to say. However, moms who blog have the right idea because they can share stories about their family and it can be their release. So, should moms blog and why is this becoming a fad for mothers around the world?

It’s The Chance to Share Family Stories

Families go through good and bad times and sometimes, moms need to get their feelings out. Blogging is a great way to share some of those thoughts and feelings and can maybe even help others who are going through the same thing. It might not sound all that important to a lot of people but readers can often find inspiration from moms who blog. Blogging is very popular today and if people have something interesting to say, why not share it? This has quickly become a popular craze and there are so many benefits to come from it as well. You can enjoy blogging more so than ever before.

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Blogging vs. Twittering

Thousands love the idea of becoming a blogger but often find it’s hard to start-up in this field. For some, they take to Twitter and post there and some can find it really works. However, for others, they don’t like the idea of blogging and think it’s far too competitive to work. So, what is the truth? Can blogging be effective or is twittering the best course of action to take?

What Is Your Aim?

First and foremost, you have to understand a few things about your purpose for going online. Do you have a message to send to millions of parents? Do you want to make money from offering parental tips? If you aren’t interested in making money from your messages then twittering is the one for you. This can reach millions of people within a matter of minutes simply because others see your post and re-tweet it and share with others so many can view it. However, if you are looking to make a little money from your experiences as a mother or parent then blogging might be far more effective.

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