What I Learned From Being An Online Writer

 My Online Career

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I can’t actually remember the first time I worked online for someone. People ask me when I started transcribing or writing online, and I would just say, “I’ve been working online since I don’t know when.” I had already opened my mind about working on a computer-based job even if I have a license – I was a licensed physical therapist briefly.


I worked in a transcription company back then, here in my hometown, and I was lucky enough to also work as an online transcriptionist. I had everything going for me, but I wasn’t very much into it because I focused on my office setting job.


A few months after, I was fired. I felt so depressed and frustrated that I didn’t open my computer for two months. I had no encouraging words to say to my friends who were curious about trying out online careers.


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Eventually, I decided that I missed working online and that I needed another job, so I started looking for it online again. It was then that I found a client who opened doors for me to write about my dream vacations. I enjoyed every bit of my task and I had fun reading more about them even after work. I regained my enthusiasm back, along with my self-confidence. Since then, I never stopped working online.


With my years of being an online provider, particularly a writer, I realized that I had learned so much and I want to share my learned lessons with you.



What I Learned

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  • Being computer-literate is a great advantage. Indeed, this holds true then and now. I’m not tech-savvy, but at least I know my way through writing, researching and saving, which was a big deal back then. Now, I’m pretty geared up to learn about other ways to make work faster and more convenient.


  • I honed my skills and became even better. I’ve always believed in the old saying, “Practice makes perfect.” I noticed myself improve through the months and years of writing. My vocabulary widened, my sentences were more parallel, and my stories were stronger – better. I also learned to love writing from the heart, not only from my skin.


  • I found virtual friends who were ‘there’ for me. As I grew older and had more responsibilities in life, I lost touch of my close friends and my social life in general. And sometimes I would find myself crying over things that I can’t express because there was no one to express it to.


Through my online career, I found friends who were willing to reach out to chat with me and allow me to talk about my depression and anxiety over a lot of things, and read from a site (like BetterHelp) more about it which helped me a lot. They made me realize that sometimes the friends you don’t see are the friends who last.


  • It earns more than most of the office clerk positions. I’ve handled several clerk and supervisory positions, and I can attest that I earn more from my online job than most of these positions. Plus I get to stay at home and take care of my family. That’s what kept me going despite some unholy working hours.


  • It has blessed me with more time and definitely more knowledge. Writing, for me, doesn’t only mean earning money, but it entails research and content structuring. Through the years, I’ve grown more used to the process and so I spend less time now on a task compared to when I first started. Thus, I am able to focus on my family and take care of them and putting them first.


Ultimately, my online career has enriched me with so much knowledge about health and wellness, food, medical news, and what not – everything that affects people’s lives. I know I will always have something to write about for the years to come.