How To Start A Counseling Blog

Blogging is a useful tool for counselors. First, it can serve as an avenue for them to share helpful information, related to counseling, to their colleagues and potential clients. Second, it can also help spread the word easily regarding your offered services. Blogs can increase public visibility that will benefit the entire profession.


Starting a counseling blog may take a lot of time and effort. However, this strategy is an excellent opportunity for counselors to establish their names. To get you going, here are a few ways on how to get started with your counseling blog.


Read Other Counselor’s Blogs

Before creating your website, try looking for sample blogs. This practice can serve as your inspiration and give you ideas on how your blog will look like. Take note of how they present their content to their target audience. Study the designs of the blogs as well, such as their layouts and color combinations, to give a little bit of creativity boost.


Aside from visiting various counselor’s blogs, try to search websites outside this category. You can look for blogs for restaurants, photographers, books, or fashion to get ideas on how you can make your counseling blog stand out from others.



Determine Your Audience

Do not try to be a ‘Super Counselor.’ Look for your specific audience where you will pattern your content and website design. Make sure to choose an area you are most knowledgeable and passionate about.


For example, if you are an expert on marriage counseling, just focus on this. You can create articles related to pre-marriage counseling, soon-to-be-divorced couples, newlyweds, and more. Do not insert any topic which tackles children with disabilities and other areas not related to your target niche.


Once you have established your focus area, over time, Google will start to index your content. It means that when people search for topics connected to marriage counseling, your website will find its way to the top of the search engine rankings.



Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

A Unique Selling Proposition, also known as USP, is a popular marketing concept which answers the question “What makes you different from others?” This characteristic makes you stand out from others since they cannot find this specific characteristic from your other competitors.


With your target audience in mind, try creating a one sentence USP which clearly states whom you want to help and what outcome you desire for them to achieve. To help you with developing your USP, try following these three steps:


  1. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes.
  2. Determine your client’s motivation in seeking counseling services.
  3. Pinpoint one or two reasons why your clients choose you over other counselors.


Once you have come up with your USP, it will be easier for you to maintain your counseling blog.


Write A Killer About Me Page

According to Google Analytics, the about me page is the second most visited page on a counselor’s website after the homepage. Hence, it is critical to have a killer about me page. This will help you establish your credibility to your potential clients.



Take Note Of Ethics And Etiquette

Maintaining a counseling blog is a huge responsibility. Thus, you must always keep in mind the ethical use of blogging and social media. Here are some reminders:


  • Never write about your client even if you use a pen name in your blog.
  • Do not commit plagiarism.
  • Be accurate and do not spread false information to increase foot traffic in your blog
  • Be open to criticism.


Even if you follow the following points, do not expect overnight success. Just take your time, write consistently, and provide the best blogging content, and you’ll definitely reach your success!