What I Learned From Being An Online Writer

 My Online Career

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I can’t actually remember the first time I worked online for someone. People ask me when I started transcribing or writing online, and I would just say, “I’ve been working online since I don’t know when.” I had already opened my mind about working on a computer-based job even if I have a license – I was a licensed physical therapist briefly.

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How Headings Affect The Performance of Your Blog

Most of the people who start a blog do so because they have a passion for a subject, which is rarely SEO or HTML coding. However, if a blog is intended to be successful enough that browsers will be able to even locate your words of wisdom, some knowledge of both is essential. Well written, informative and engaging content is still a must for any blog, but promoting it effectively requires something more too, namely a structure that search engine bots can make sense of.

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