Blogging About Places To Visit Around The World

I know someone who is technically a travel blogger, but the big secret is that she hasn’t been to any of the places she’s blogged about. You wouldn’t call her lying about it because she never says that she’s been there. She only explains the things to see and visit in a certain country or city and that is what the travel blog she’s working on is all about.

A professional travel blogger who doesn’t really travel

Her boss (yes, she has a boss) assigns her to make content for three types of blogs – a health and wellness blog, a “for adults” only blog and the travel blog. When I asked her if she likes doing it, she said “I love to write! And if that means writing about places, even if I haven’t been there personally, it’s ok. I’ll research on the technical stuff and read about the personal experiences of other people who have been there to get an idea on what to write. That’s how my boss wants it, anyway.”

How to make business using your travel blog

My friend had to list down countries per continent and make a blog about the Top Places to Visit from Asia down to Australia. So, if it’s in Asia, it means a blog of the Top Places to Visit in Afghanistan to Yemen. She did all that and some were tweaked by her boss for his business purposes.

When I asked her if she knows how her boss is earning from it, she said he generates income from the blogs as follows:

  • Sponsored Hosts
  • Banner Ads
  • Affiliate Links

What are Sponsored Hosts?

There are times when her boss gives her certain instructions about a blog or an article to write. In sponsored hosts, the article is supposed to mention the name of the sponsoring company which will be posted or published on their travel blog. It will then be linked back to the website of the sponsoring host.

Since they are in the blog business of travelling, their clients range from ticketing offices, boutique hotels, restaurants, gift shops and more. They also have an online therapy services client that pays them for their link back blogs.

Anyway, the rules are very specific per blog. She even mentioned that sometimes, she had to revise her write up two to three times before the sponsoring host approves of the blog. Now, the question is how much is being paid to a blogger by sponsored hosts, right? It depends upon the rates of the blogger and if the sponsoring host agrees to the fee.

Regularly, posting an article with a link back costs $25, at least. That’s just for one article. She also said that her boss has thousands of followers. His “link backs” cost at least $100 each and he assigns his “bloggers” 8 to 10 link backs in a month. He has 3 bloggers all in all and yes, that’s a lot of one hundred dollars, if you ask me.

What are Banner Ads?

She told me that she doesn’t know how much her boss earns from Banner Ads. He says that it is “clutter” and messes up the look of the pages. But he has two or three banners in every page – usually a credit card ad and a mobile network ad. What I know about banner ads is that payment will be guaranteed per page view. Some bloggers reported that 100,000 page views will earn $100.

I think that is reachable considering travel blogs are in demand because of the information within. People will want to read about what it says – where to go, what to do, what’s cheap or fancy and all the other things. 100,000 page views can be achieved in no time. (Of course, page views will also depend upon your number of followers, a catchy title, and the relevant content, among other factors.)

What are Affiliate Links?

Have you ever wondered why some blogs are filled with hyperlinks? That’s because they earn money from it. Amazon pays good. Awin is also a travel blog favorite. Hostelworld is the best. But of course, as my friend said, a travel blogger must have a referral code before they can affiliate with the brand. Her boss has those codes which she then inputs when creating an affiliate link. This way of earning, she says, is not that lucrative for her boss, but it can add some change to his monthly income.

To top it all…

And there you go. Here are just three ways on how to earn from your travel blog. Just a word of caution – if you are a blogger who wants to write about travelling, but you don’t know how to “market” your blog, then, I suggest you read the essentials on how to do it.

Also, if you are not a passionate writer or an imaginative storyteller by heart, then, it would be best not to start any type of blog until you learn to love it. (My friend’s boss was a writer before he had to hire his bloggers due to high demand, so he knows what he wants and what to do.) You need to believe in the things that you blog about so that people will understand your point of view and follow your blog site. Without your followers, there will be no income since nobody will click the links or view the pages.