Blogging To Ease Your Depression




Believe it or not, but blogging or writing everything that comes out of my silly head eases my depression. Yes, I have it and no, I’m not suicidal anymore. At one point, I wanted to join the “sleeping pills club”, but then again it brings me to the topic of writing, blogging, typing and clicking the keys on my keyboard which makes me feel better about myself. My pen saved my life countless times – in this case, my “pen” was my MacBook Air.




And so, you ask why I am depressed. What in the world happened to me that made me this way? So sad, feeling helpless and hopeless, at times? I’m going to answer that in a very scientific and nerdy type of way.


Every person is diverse and this brain of ours function differently from one another. It just so happens that I have hormones that make me feel sad in a snap even if I don’t mean to be gloomy, even if I don’t want to feel down. It can happen anytime and anywhere. I know, it’s that bad.


And when I feel that it creeps up on me, I try to combat it naturally by eating foods that inhibit the release of the “sad hormones” in my brain. Strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, dark chocolate – some of my favorite lift-my-mood foods. I also jot down poems, make up stories or blog whatever I feel like writing. Sometimes when I just can’t handle it well, I find a place to relax and let my antidepressants do its magic.


It’s been hard, but I have coped with it for years now. I don’t have the answers to it all and I’m not an expert, but there are times when the things I do work for me. I can only try, you know. And like I said, writing, it’s been one of my avenues to push away my bad mental state. How do I do it?




  1. As I wake up in the morning, I always write 3 things down on my pocket notebook. These three things are the things that I want to accomplish for the day which will surely make me happy. For example, baking cookies and giving it to my nieces and nephews. The smell of peanut butter cookies lifts me up and makes me feel all fuzzy, in a good way. And when I’m done with it, I then again write how I feel after completing that “thing”. If I don’t finish it, then, I put it on my list for the next day. No pressure and no worries.


  1. It’s not always peachy and rays of sunshine. Like I said, the depression can kick in at any time. When it does, I open my laptop and write down everything that I’m feeling at that exact moment. I try to detail the reasons why I am feeling depressed and I even write some depression quotes when I feel like it. Here is an original:


I cry and I let myself cry.

No need to dry my tears.

It will dry on its own.

When I’m done.


  1. I can only take my depression battle one day at a time. It can’t be forced and I can’t expect too much from myself. On days that I don’t feel like doing anything, I read and it takes me to another place. After reading an eBook, I don’t know why, but I always feel like there’s more to life. And then, I write again on what has happened to me so I can understand myself.


I’d like to say it gets better by the day, but there are no guarantees. I can’t be sure that tomorrow I won’t feel hopeless, but what I know is that today, I am doing something about it. And whatever it is, I’ll just be blogging my way through. To learn more about fighting depression, feel free to check: