Help! I’m Out Of Blog Ideas

Imagine this. You’ve been a blogger for quite a while now. Maybe you have a book blog where you put out reviews of bestsellers and hidden gems alike. Perhaps you run a family blog where you talk about your kids and offer tips that every parent should know. Or you might own a food blog where you write about great restaurants and share recipes of your own.

You could be blogging about literally anything under the sun! But the one thing that any and every blogger dreads is running out of ideas. This problem is especially the case for people who upload articles daily. How are you supposed to keep up with this schedule?

Whether you’re blogging about books, family, or food, there are smart ways to keep the idea bank full. Try some of these tips when you run out of things to blog.

Read Up


Reading the news, a book, or even other blogs could prove to be beneficial. A little reading might help you get the spark of inspiration that you need. Who knows? You might find the idea for your next article from it.

Travel bloggers should keep an eye out for articles that feature tourist destinations or newly opened hotels and resorts. Food bloggers can get a lot of useful information from cookbooks and chef interviews. The year’s upcoming concerts are good topics that a music blogger should write. The list goes on.

You can also get some ideas for a new article by reading other blogs. You can choose to follow the formula of another piece or make something like it. However, it is not advisable to copy it too closely. Apart from problems concerning plagiarism, your article might not be “you,” so to speak. Always remember, you can imitate, but never replicate!

News articles, books, and blogs are varied. It’s all about picking the ones that have connection to what you want to write. The trick is to narrow down your searches to the most relevant to your blog. Put your spin on what you read!

Write Down All Of Your Ideas


Of course, written media isn’t the only place where you can get ideas. The world is ripe with stimulating content, and your mind is always at work. You never know when and how you’re going to get your next good idea.

You could be out with your friends when suddenly, lightbulb! You get this fantastic blog article idea. And you’re probably not going to recall it once you’re back home. Here’s some advice: Keep a pen and a small notebook with you at all times. Alternatively, you can keep a writing application on your phone.

Once an idea hits you, regardless of whether you think it’s good or bad, write it down. Sure, you might end up with a whole list of ideas you can’t use, but that’s perfectly fine. The more ideas you write down, the more the chances of getting one that you can use for your blog.


Two heads are better than one! But why stop at two? Why not three, four, or even five? Teaming up with someone for a new blog article might be the breath of fresh air that you need. You could plan something with your friends, or you could schedule an interview with someone new.

Book bloggers can interview an author and ask about what it’s like to write books. Family bloggers can schedule a day out with their spouse and children. Gaming bloggers can interview multiple people and ask for their insights regarding a newly-released game. The possibilities are endless!

Should you want to collaborate with other people, make sure that what you have planned is well-documented. Scribble down the essential details and the flow of what happened. Doing this will make it easier to write about it later. In addition to this, ask your collaborators if you can take pictures of them. Their photos will be a nice addition to the article.

Take A Break


If all else fail, maybe it’s a sign that you need to disconnect for a little while. Forget about your blog for the time being and do something else. It could be that your next blog article is eluding you precisely because you’re thinking about it too hard.

The inspiration you need might be somewhere out there, away from the computer. Unplug, relax, and, most importantly, stop trying to find your next blog article idea. It’ll come to you.  

It’s not easy being a blogger. The thought of running out of ideas is terrifying. Sitting down in front of your laptop and realizing that you have nothing new to write about is even more so. It’s not a comfy feeling because there’s always this constant feeling of having to put out new content. And not all content will do. It has to be interesting—something that people would be willing to read.

These simple tips should help any blogger keep their idea bank full. Keep them in mind, and you’ll be swimming in new blog articles. After all, there’s always an idea out there somewhere, waiting for you to find it. It’s time to get it!

What New Bloggers Gain From Events Like 2016 Denver Blogging Convention

Being able to take part in an event such as the 2016 Denver Blogging Convention can tell you three things. One, writers don’t always value solitude – they like to have fun too. Two, many successful bloggers went through a rough patch before finding their place on the web. Three, anyone who has a story to talk about is welcome in the blogging community.

Here are more things that new bloggers can learn, thanks to conventions like the one mentioned above.

1. You Can’t Get Anything Done Without Passion

The first aspect you may gain from a blogging conference is that every person there speaks of his or her website with a passion. That’s what’s motivating them every day to come up with new ideas for the blog. In a way, this strong emotion attracts visitors to subscribe and wait for their next posts eagerly.


2. It’s Okay To Change Or Be In Multiple Niches

If you think that sticking to one niche is the only way for your blogging career to flourish, try to take your brain for another spin. The speakers in the convention like have different categories in their site, e.g., lifestyle, health, fashion, et cetera. Although they are not the same, this fact does not diminish their number of followers.

What it means is that changing the direction of or adding to your topic list is acceptable. It happens because you are evolving as a creator; you are seeing what you want and don’t want. There’s nothing wrong with that.


3. Make SEO Your Focal Point

Lastly, it matters for every new blogger to know that any website cannot rank high if you don’t dabble with search engine optimization. It’s unlikely for any conference not to talk about it since the steady flow of viewers depends on it. Learning how to optimize a website may take time, but it will be worth it.

Where’s the next blogging convention in your city?

Why It’s Advisable To Write About Your Anxiety

All bloggers have the same idea when it comes to choosing the niche they want to write about: it has to be something they can speak of for months. In case you are a master crafter, for instance, it only fits to fill your website with DIY projects or art supplies. Assuming your hobby or profession involves capturing beautiful pictures, the site may focus on photography-related content.


If there is a topic that many bloggers are afraid to touch, however, it’s their mental health journey. Some of them, after all, have dealt with or are still dealing with anxiety. They may feature it once or twice throughout their entire blogging career, but only a few decide to make an independent website for it. The two typical reasons are: 1) the audience might leave once their mental disorder becomes public, and 2) they don’t want people to feel pity towards them.

That is a bummer in general, considering how therapeutic writing can be. In case you are beginning to entertain the thought of speaking up about your anxiety through a blog, though, let us give you more reasons to do it.

1. You Can Look At The Problem In A Different Perspective

As a writer, you are aware that it matters to be creative with your words even when sharing a personal experience. Say, if it concerns the time when you almost had a nervous breakdown while taking a university entrance exam, it does not suffice to write that you felt scared merely. You have to describe your emotions and thoughts in that instant to let the readers imagine what happened.


While it may not be easy to go down the memory lane again, reliving the moment won’t be that difficult when you look at it through a writer’s perspective. You will no longer be the subject; instead, you are the storyteller. Hence, it may become apparent that what you experienced was not as horrible as you once pictured in your head.

2. You Can Inspire People With A Similar Case

The truth is that you may have readers who may also be battling anxiety right now. Some may receive treatment; others can’t come out with the illness, fearing that it might break their relationships. They are perhaps not as creative as you too; that’s why they don’t have an emotional outlet.

Once you open up about your condition, however, you are effectively encouraging these people to talk about their struggles related to the disease. They may say, “If this internet personality is not scared of speaking up, why should I be?” Then, your blog may become their go-to website when they have questions regarding anxiety.

3. Your Support System May Expand

After the revelation comes the communication. At first, the audience may merely leave comments on the web page, which you can respond to anytime. The readers can follow too on your social media accounts and continue your chats there. The more you talk to them, the more you tend to feel that your family and friends are not the only individuals who care about your mental disorder. There can also be folks across the globe whom you can draw strength from.


Worried About Writing About Your Anxiety Still?

Don’t be. The society has come so far, in the sense that speaking about mental health is no longer a taboo. You can shout to the entire world that you have anxiety, and you will undoubtedly receive nothing but love and support for being brave enough to do that.

Do it for your readers who may benefit from what you may share. More importantly, do it for yourself. Cheers!

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